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Seo 101

Learn the basics of Search Engine Optimaization(SEO)

This is another great SEO 101 that is valuable for newbies.


Consider SEO for your Digital Marketing Goals

There are many facets to Online Marketing — many of which could be very valuable to your business’s marketing plan.

Consider SEO if there is a high enough (search volume) * (average gross profit per sale).  The Google Keyword Tool will give a peek into search volume — it definitely does not automatically spill the search volume secrets.

If you think the value is good, it is a good idea to get an SEO Consultant that can provide high quality SEO Services — low quality yields basically no value to your business.  I know of one guy that comes highly recommended:

He’ll probably take a look at your business’s online presence.  <– not sure if he charges for it or not.

SEO can be a HUGE revenue source for your business — $1mil+/year no joke!

Careers in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a rapidly growing area, using channels such as e-mail, websites, social media and texts to promote products, services and events to a targeted audience.It gives career options finding the right job in digital and to help companies recruit the right person.

This video is an interesting guide to fall into great career options in digital marketing.
Here’s a screenshot of one of the topics to be discussed.

Digital Marketing career option

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