24 thoughts on “Online Marketing”

  1. It is true — when the ads take away from the quality of my online
    experience I’m turned off by this and move along.

  2. I need me some smart pants right about now.
    Interested in checking CoEverywhere. Sounds coo.

    Great stuff as always Gary. Between this and the USC chat…killer.

  3. Got my daily Gary fix, I’ve heard his wine library spiel before but never
    the part about a $15,000 dev cost for W.L yielding $800 in sales his first
    year LOVED that nugget Gary never fails to entertain. Mentioned him in my
    Keynote today at a local community college and saw plenty of people knew
    exactly who I was talking about… big ups Gary even small town Nova
    Scotians know your work!

  4. Ha ha – I thought +Gary Vaynerchuk was going to use his phone in another
    way with that guitarist at the end.

    Another awesome keynote. More brilliant ideas taken from this. 

  5. Gary – You have to lose the swear words. It’s like watching someone
    reading Shakespeare wearing a clown nose. You give prospective clients –
    the ones who are stuck in the last decade – a reason to write you off. It
    makes it hard for guys like me to say to their companies “listen to this
    guy Vaynerchuk”. You can and are shaking up the world of marketing but
    you’re also making it hard to use you as a reference.

  6. “More than I know the sun will come up tomorrow, I know one thing: that
    marketers ruin everything”. If you’re new to wine library founder and
    social media expert +Gary Vaynerchuk, check out his digital marketing
    keynote shot last month. Here he talks about finding where the value exists
    while the rest of the market catches up + why we should be focussing on
    depth not width when it comes to evaluation.

  7. Stand up or sit down! Be a leader. Figure it out. I just love your talks.
    To say they motivate me is an understatement. Need to figure it out?
    Watch this. Love it!!

  8. you got my attention…and YOU SOLD ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA AGAIN…I’m old and
    “that generation” that well remembers before the internet…BUT GO

  9. #MediaMonday 2015: Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote – Online Marketing Rockstars ~
    Do yourself a favor and watch this.

  10. Thank you for this video. It has inspired me to get off my butt and start
    being social. Great speech. I love it.

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