Video SEO – How to Rank on YouTube?

Video SEO – How to Rank on YouTube?

Video marketing is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video. YouTube is a mind-blowing media platform that is huge opportunity to rank up videos.

This short video will show Top 10 ways for VSEO ranking & video search engine optimization.


25 thoughts on “Video SEO – How to Rank on YouTube?”

  1. Thanks for some very good info!! great explain .. but i dont understand
    number #3

    put channel names in your tags..

    do i have to set mine own channel name in the tags below each video?

    Subbed hope to see more like this news! BIG LIKE!

  2. Nice,after writing the title, you have to go on google for a total search
    through A to Z all related searches,and put all in the tags….and
    description..heehheheeheh ( example…nice dog A=accessories to nice dog
    Z=za ) ,any research in relation to the title of the video will be found
    immediately!! good luck ☺

  3. Here’s the thing. How do they even click on it? Never helps! 😛 I’ve
    watched all videos on SEO. I don’t get it.

  4. Thanks, Paul! I am working on learning how to do this type of SEO and you
    did an excellent job of describing it here.

  5. i m just confused, should we create links to video with http or https, i
    also listened from one Video seo expert, he mentioned in his course that
    both type of linking are ok, i m confused which one is best for video
    ranking or should we create links with both versions.

  6. I (literally) just started the other day. I think I’m a work on my craft
    first before focusing on the audience.

  7. How does tags on youtube? what keywords should there are in the video? the
    title? loose keywords? subject words?

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